Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Male Rats

BRIAN - Male. Got April 5th, 2010. Brownish gray. Related to many of our rats. He came from the same feeder/breeder in Lewiston. He had a identical twin that has gone onto the rainbow bridge already. This one is semi friendly but mostly sticks with his rattie friends versus humans. Old age has really caught up to him.

SIMON - Male. Got April 26th, 2010. PEW/Siamese. The bigger bully of the trio we adopted. Also the one that has outlived them.When he was young he was going to be used as snake food. His rescued brothers and him were semi friendly but preferred ratties to humans. Now that he's gotten on in age he is not very accepting to even ratties.

COCOA aka "Scoop Stealer" - Male. Got June 21st, 2010. Was approx 7 months old when we got him. Tannish hooded. Friendly quirky personality. Got him from the same feeder/breeder family tree in Lewiston.

HUNTER - Male. Got August 2nd, 2010. Grayish and white. Almost a spitting image of his mother Gypsy. Friendly and an overall good rattie. Shares same family line with a majority of the rats, especially the males.

CHASE - Male. Got August 2nd, 2010. He's a litter mate and buddy of Hunter. Grayish with a tiny white dot on his forehead. His fur reminds me of a Rex. Very curious and friendly rattie.

PATCHES - Male. Got August 6th, 2010. Gray with white patches hence the name he came with. Several months old when we got him. Part of the family line. Believe he is the daddy to Hunter and Chase. He's a little feisty and prefers his rattie friends to humans most of the time.

STUART LITTLE - Male. Got December 22nd, 2010. PEW. He is only a few weeks older then Hunter and Chase. Most likely the father of Rizzo and the other young PEW boys. He was adopted out when he started to not like his former cage mates. He does just fine with his family of ratties now. In fact he is now getting used to humans and the biggest rattie we have.

RIZZO - Male. Got December 22nd, 2010. Brownish gray with white. One of the most friendly ratties we have. Has his mother Gypsy's personality. He's been a wonderful boy towards both rats and humans. He is the ideal example of what a pet rat is or should be.

GONZO - Male. Got January 31st, 2011. PEW. Shy does better with ratties then humans. Not sure but believe he and his brother are offspring of Gypsy/Stuart Little.

FOZZI - Male. Got January 31st, 2011. PEW. Cage and litter mate to Gonzo. Also not crazy about humans. He much prefers his small rattie family.

LOKI - Male. Got November 22nd, 2011. He came with his "girlfriend" Faye. He's a blue Russian Rex. No worries about him living with the girls since he's already neutered. Little shy and seems to prefer his rattie friends to humans. I can't seem to get him to bond with me but he has taken to Scott a little bit. Perhaps he just prefers males. His former family had to rehome due to allergies. Originally came from Pet Quarters in Auburn before it closed.

JAX - Male. Got December 11th, 2011. He's the darer of the two hairless males. He is a little less shy then his brother. Seemed to bond with me quite quickly. Doesn't do too bad with other ratties. He is smaller then the other one though.  

CHIBS - Male. Got December 11th, 2011. Pinker hairless. Larger and less friendly. He is still kind of shy. Doesn't seem to mind his rattie friends. Still going to take time to get him used to humans. He and his brother came from Whitefield, Maine.

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